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Healing of the Heart, ch. 1 :iconmirage-shinkiro:Mirage-Shinkiro 17 8
Mature content
Penguin :iconjustgetbackup:justgetbackup 18 13
Mature content
Delicate :icondolose:dolose 4 3
Mature content
RoboPeriod Adventures - Hound x Mirage :iconkyuugi:kyuugi 20 7
Mature content
Mile High :iconswift117:Swift117 32 53
WARNING: Has a bit of yaoi/slash. Now you know.
Prowl sighed in frustration and powered on his optics. He lay the palm of his hands on the ground and growled quietly. He couldn’t meditate with so much on his mind. He tried to push it aside, but it always came back to him. It was deeply annoying and wouldn’t leave him in the peace he wanted so much at the moment. It was like—
“What’s up, ninja bot?” Bumblebee greeted as he walked into Prowl’s room and next to the silent ninja. He looked down at him with a smile in his faceplate.
Prowl rest his elbow on his thigh and put his hand over his optics as they dimmed. “What is it Bumblebee?” Prowl asked, annoyance detectable in his voice.
“I saw that you weren’t meditating, and so I came to say hi,” Bumblebee answered as he stretched his arms. “Now that I think about it, why weren’t you meditating?”
“I have far too much on my mind,” Prowl replied. “It is s
:iconlovestransformers:LovesTransformers 93 83
Whispers In The Dark
3/22 - 3/23/08 (cuz i finished it at 1 in the morning XD)
Pairing: Prowl x Bumblebee
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Hasbro has total license w/ this, if they wanted to make it full of slash (which they kinda did XP) then they could, so yea point is me no own!
Summary: Darkness closed in on him, but out of that darkness came a light. Prowl…(SLASH) (Prowl x BB)
This is for the Animated series based off of the episode where they go camping x3
Whispers In The Dark
Bumblebee sat in front of the TV, his blue optics focused intently on the video game in front of him. Sari had school today and so Bee was left with nothing to do, which was driving him crazy. The yellow bot sighed softly as he waited for the next level of his game to load up, tilting his head back slightly to look up at the ceiling.
Ever since that whole 'camping incident' had happened he'd been feeling a
When Prowl had been infect
:iconneko234:Neko234 34 25
3:39 PM - 3:54 PM 11/16/2008
I'm actually feeling inspired today 8D Either my inspiration is coming back or I've gone completely INSANE AHAHAHAHA!! >8D
Prowl / Bumblebee / lazy (TF:A)
"Bumblebee, you've been sitting on you aft watching TV all day." Prowl stated with a disapproving frown. Bumblebee shrugged and shifted to the side, trying to see beyond Prowl.
"Your point?" He asked. The ninjabot sighed and turned off the TV, eliciting a cry of disappointment from the smaller bot. Prowl turned back around, lips set in a defiant pout as he stared at Bumblebee.
"My point is you should go out and enjoy the weather, not waste your life away in front of this Primus forsaken TV." Prowl replied. Bumblebee frowned, arms crossing in front of his chassis as he murmured, "I'm not wasting my life away."
"Yes. You are Bumblebee. Now can't you go outside and enjoy it for just a few hours?" The black and gold mech asked with a sigh. Bumblebee shook his head, tur
:iconneko234:Neko234 26 39
Nightmare pg 9 by JazzTheTiger
Mature content
Nightmare pg 9 :iconjazzthetiger:JazzTheTiger 249 69
Nightmare pg 8 by JazzTheTiger
Mature content
Nightmare pg 8 :iconjazzthetiger:JazzTheTiger 262 40
Mature content
A New Day Has Come :iconstorycomposer:StoryComposer 20 8
Mature content
Cry :iconstorycomposer:StoryComposer 9 2
Mature content
Future Love :iconstorycomposer:StoryComposer 16 6
Mature content
Future Love - StoryComposer :iconcade-x-bee:cade-x-bee 1 0
Prize: Caught
The soft, choked whisper reached his ears through the fog that surrounded him. He only barely caught his name as it fell from the younger man’s lips. He could feel the other’s arms around him, warm, but shivering in fright and pain. Through blurred vision, Barricade looked up at Bumblebee, a grin spreading over his blood-stained lips.
“Stupid Autobot,” he managed, coughing a bit. “You finally caught me.”
Tears welled up in Bumblebee’s unearthly blue eyes. “No,” he shook his head. “I never wanted…”
Barricade let out a harsh laugh, not wincing at the pain that shot through his body. “You made the promise.”
“Because I thought I’d never catch you!” the young Autobot exclaimed. “I wanted you to catch me!”
The older man closed his eyes, leaning into Bumblebee’s embrace. “You knew I wouldn’t allow myself to. I enjoyed our chase far too much.
:iconcade-x-bee:cade-x-bee 33 4
Mature content
Drabble: Captive :iconcade-x-bee:cade-x-bee 3 0



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